Our Story

“Improving our community by expanding and celebrating creative expression”

A word from our Founder.

“Tampa BAY Fresh Fest is a celebration of art for the people. Street art, murals, public art or graffiti, whatever you like to call it, we intend on producing vibrant,innovative, and inspirational works of art that will positively transform our city.

We at TBFF seek to give our outstanding local talent the opportunity to exhibit their collective creative acumen. In doing so we will shed positive light on our region and raise the profile of Tampa bay to an artistic power house.

Furthermore, in focusing on local talent, we seek to propel our home-grown artists into a position to expand their reputation, and become more sought after, exposing them to a higher degree of national attention, which will in turn, shed positive light on our home of Tampa Bay, and turn Tampa into an artistic destination.

We recognize that the rising tide lifts all boats, so we will be inviting our fellow Florida artists from around the state to join and exhibit at fresh fest.

We understand and welcome the positive impact of one or two well known artists from around the country can make to a city’s artistic footprint.  So we would like to bring in a few celebrated out of town artists as well.

Another major focus of TBFF is to emphasize the artist. To see that they are given the utmost respect and accommodations, to not just focus on popular areas but bring the transformative power of street art to our underserved communities as well. Finally we would like to engage all of our divergent communities and unify our city through the spirit of art appreciation and creativity. To add to, and honor the past work of the creative pioneers and innovators who came before us, and cement this city and her surrounding areas as a bastion of artistic splendor that will be a point of pride for all who live here, and a source of inspiration for the rest of the world. “

-Eric “Esh” Hornsby